Volume 11 | Issue 2 | November 2023

Editorial – Janice Bland

The reflections in the editorial are on the role of creativity in language learning, debating how creative uses of language tend to be somewhat neglected in the classroom. read more

Recommended Reads

The chosen recommended reads illustrate both the poetic quality and the innovative range of David Almond’s work for children and young adults: The Dam, Wild Girl Wild Boy, A Song for Ella Grey, The Savage. read more

Article 1 – Suzanne Kamata

With the first article, Kamata shows how creative multimodal storytelling as a group activity can support and promote many of the goals of the new governmental guidelines for English learning in Japan. read more

Article 2 – Janice Bland

Bland puts forward in her paper a strategy with detailed guidelines for introducing creative writing in teacher education. She reflects on bolstering student teachers’ self-confidence in guiding their language learners to recognize how compelling and persuasive texts achieve impact. read more

Article 3 – Mari Skjerdal Lysne

With this paper, Lysne argues for a new kind of literacy she terms literary multimodal literacy, a competence she deems is prerequisite for an engagement with texts like Almond’s hybrid multimodal books for young readers. read more