Review Board

Children’s Literature in English Language Education Ethical Code

Notes for Peer Reviewers

The CLELEjournal follows a double blind peer review process. 

We wish to thank the members of the EDITORIAL REVIEW BOARD for their essential contribution to this process and their commitment to Children’s Literature in English Language Education.

  1. Professor Mike Byram (University of Durham, Emeritus, UK)
  2. Dr Penni Cotton (University of Roehampton, UK)
  3. Dr Nicola Daly (University of Waikato, New Zealand)
  4. Professor Werner Delanoy (Klagenfurt University, Austria)
  5. Gail Ellis  (Co-founder Picturebooks in European Primary English Language Teaching)
  6. Professor Janet Enever (Umeå University, Emerita, Sweden)
  7. Dr Claudia Ferradas (Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Argentina)
  8. Professor Mike Fleming (University of Durham, Emeritus, UK)
  9. Dr  Jena Habegger-Conti (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences)
  10. Professor Geoff Hall (University of Nottingham China)
  11. Dr Sissil Heggernes (Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway)
  12. Professor Peter Hunt (Cardiff University, Emeritus, UK)
  13. Dr Nayr Ibrahim (Nord University, Norway)
  14. Dr Jonathan Klassen (Soochow University in Taipei, Taiwan)
  15. Dr Achilleas Kostoulas (University of Thessaly, Greece)
  16. Professor Stephen Krashen (University of Southern California, Emeritus, USA)
  17. Dr Sunny Man Chu Lau (Bishop’s University, Canada)
  18. Dr Julie McAdam (University of Glasgow, UK)
  19. Dr Tara McIlroy (Rikkyo University, Japan) 
  20. Professor Rama Mathew (University of Delhi, India)
  21. Professor Margarida Morgado (Castelo Branco Polytechnic Institute, Portugal)
  22. Dr. Sandie Mourão (Researcher, CETAPS, Portugal)
  23. Dr Beverley Naidoo (Author, South Africa and UK)
  24. Dr Smiljana Narancic Kovac (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
  25. Professor Sylvia Pantaleo (University of Victoria, Canada)
  26. Dr Amos Paran (Institute of Education, University of London, UK)
  27. Dr Shelagh Rixon (University of Warwick, UK, retired)
  28. Dr Jane Spiro (Oxford Brookes, UK)
  29. Professor John Stephens (Macquarie University, Emeritus, Australia)
  30. Professor Laurenz Volkmann (Jena University, Germany)