Volume 3 | Issue 2 | November 2015

Article 2 – Pictures, Images and Deep Reading

Janice Bland considers the support provided by multimodal children’s literature in the development of literacy. The focus is on reading in ELT and the negotiation of understanding due to information gaps in the narrative, and on reading pleasure due to sensory anchoring through pictures. read more

Recommended Venue

Petra Rauschert introduces The International Youth Library in Munich: A book castle for children’s literature from all over the world. read more

Recommended Reads

Nye, Naomi Shihab, illus. N. Carpenter (1994). Sitti’s Secrets.
Lionni, Leo (2013). Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse.
Murphy, Jill. (1980). Peace at Last.
Altés, Marta (2011). No! read more

Book Reviews

Penni Cotton reviews Challenging and Controversial Picturebooks: Creative and Critical Responses to Visual Texts (Janet Evans (Ed.), 2015).

Janet Enever reviews Stories and Storyline (Sharon Ahlquist and Réka Lugossy, 2015). read more