Volume 5 | Issue 1 | May 2017

Contents & Editorial

In their editorial, The Shapeshifting Nature of Children’s Literature for ELT, Janice Bland and Sandie Mourão discuss the ever-changing range of literary texts for children and teenagers and their importance for language education. read more

Article 1 – Picturebooks Go Digital

Sonja Brunsmeier and Annika Kolb examine the increased reader – text interaction opportunities of the new digital format of story apps and their motivating potential for reading in a foreign language. read more

Article 2 – Sounds of Picturebooks

Teresa Fleta investigates the relevance of the acoustic elements of picturebooks to raise phonological awareness and to fine-tune listening, in order to enhance the learners’ aural and oral skills for English language development. read more

Article 3 – Using Coming-of-Age Stories

Elena Ortells Montón illustrates how multicultural coming-of-age stories can offer teachers the necessary materials to foster interest in reading and at the same time raising intercultural awareness. read more

Recommended Reads

Willis, Jeanne & Tony Ross (2016). Troll Stinks.
Wiesner, David (2013). Mr Wuffles!
Pichon, Liz (2011). The Brilliant World of Tom Gates.
Davies, Benji (2015). Grandad’s Island. read more

Book Review

Ana Gonçalves Matos reviews Learning with Literature in the EFL Classroom (Werner Delanoy, Maria Eisenmann and Frauke Matz (Eds), 2015). read more