Volume 7 | Issue 1 | May 2019

Article 1: Disturbing the Still Water

Eun Young Yeom’s investigation aims to discover whether secondary-school students in South Korea can develop aspects of global awareness with a multicultural picturebook while learning the global language, English. read more

Article 2: The Wildest Lessons Ever!

Elisabeth Bruckmaier presents how fruitful the use of a book – with a plot matching the pupils’ interests and a language level fitting their language competencies – can be in the first years of learning English. read more

Recommended Venue

Gail Ellis presents the Drawing Words exhibition of children’s picturebooks organised by the British Council and curated by Lauren Child. read more

Recommended Reads

A tribute to John Burningham
Burningham, J. (1973). Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car.
Burningham, J. (1977). Come Away from the Water, Shirley.
Burningham, J. (1996). Courtney.
Burningham, J. (2003). The Magic Bed. read more