Volume 8 | Issue 1 | May 2020

Contents & Editorial

With the editorial, Stories and Authenticity of Experience, Janice Bland scrutinizes the development of theory of mind (ToM) and empathy through stories. She considers the matter of literary texts, authenticity and cultural accuracy in relation to ELT and ToM. read more

Recommended Reads

Literature Exploring Refugee Experiences
Milner, Kate (2017). My name is not Refugee.
Applegate, Katherine (2008). Home of the Brave.
Colfer, Eoin & Donkin, Andrew (2017). Illegal.
Rosen, Michael & Young, Annemarie (2016). Who are Refugees and Migrants? What Makes People Leave their Homes? And Other Big Questions.
read more

Article 1 – Ethnicity of Author and Reader

Taraneh Matloob studies two historical fictions: Meghan Nuttall Sayres’ Anahita’s Woven Riddle and Night Letter. She examines whether the concepts of the implied author and the implied reader add insights into the discussions of cultural accuracy and authenticity. read more

Article 2 – Increasing Reading Fluency

Britta Padberg-Schmitt investigates ways in which the reading process and reading fluency in foreign language learners can be facilitated with the support of audiobooks. She shows how the support provided by an audiobook can inspire a hesitant reader to learn how to love to read. read more

Article 3 – Multimodal Literature in ELT

On the basis of five pedagogical principles, Maria Eisenmann and Theresa Summer make the case for integrating multimodal texts in ELT so that language learners gain an insight into how to read a multimodal text and are potentially motivated to choose this text format during out-of-school reading. read more

Book Review

Sandie Mourão reviews Children’s Picturebooks. The Art of Visual Storytelling (2nd edn), by Martin Salisbury & Morag Styles (2020), and comprehensively details the updates in the second edition. read more