Volume 8 | Issue 2 | Nov 2020

Editorial – Janice Bland

With the topic The Plurality of English Subject Pedagogy – a Complex Research Field, Janice Bland considers the use of the term ‘didactics’ and the meaning and breadth of the teacher education research field around English as a school subject. read more

Introduced by – David Valente

Bryon, Nathan & Adeola, Dapo (2019) Look Up!
Mian, Zanib & Mafaridk, Nasaya (2019) Planet Omar: Accidental Trouble Magnet
Flowers, Ebony (2019) Hot Comb
Thomas, Angie (2017) The Hate U Give (THUG) read more

Article 1 – Nayr Ibrahim

With the paper The Multilingual Picturebook in English Language Teaching: Linguistic and Cultural Identity, Nayr Ibrahim investigates the representation of cultural and linguistic diversity in picturebooks, and the benefits of a multilingual approach to developing intercultural citizenship. read more

Article 2 – Annett Kaminski

Focusing on creating a multimodal and holistic learning experience with Catherine Rayner’s Augustus and His Smile, Annett Kaminski’s article explores how the alternative reality of the storyworld simulates real-life encounters and provides a rich, holistic and contextualized learning environment, reminiscent of language acquisition in a natural setting. read more

Article 3 – Sharon Ahlquist

This paper reports on a research project which investigated the impact of embedding language-development tasks in lessons based on Roald Dahl’s The Magic Finger in the Primary Classroom. Sharon Ahlquist discusses the vocabulary development of two classes of 10–11-year-olds in Sweden. read more

Reviewed by – Christine Hélot

In the review of Children’s Literature in a Multiliterate World, edited by Nicola Daly and Libby Limbrick, Christine Hélot finds decentring from one’s own perspective is key in this work, nourished by a life-long love of reading. read more